you live in a room in college. there is a problem in the bathroom that you would like it to be repaired. write a letter to the accommodation officer at the college. in the letter describe the problem explain how the situation affects you suggest a time when repairman could visit

Dear Sir, I am writing
letter to express a request. I am an IT student living in 405 room in the Golestan Hall of Residence. Unfortunately, I have had a problem in my bathroom. The tap has been dripping since
night. Not only does it contributes to wasting the water but
the sound of dripping water is on my nerve. Honestly, I am going to prepare for the final exams.
, I need to be relaxed and focus on my lessons.
I have tried to fix it, the problem is not solved. I would be very grateful if I am allowed to request. Would you mind sending a repairman to help me? I need to confirm the time with me before the plumber will arrive if possible. I would be in my room after my latest class. I mean 3:00 pm. My cellphone number is 123456 for setting the appointment. I am looking forward to receiving your kind reply. Yours Sincerely, Emy Bla
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