Today, more and more people use robots to do tasks at home and at work. Do you think it is a positive or negative development? Why?

Technology advancement is easily accepted and adapted because it provides luxury. Using robotic automation for providing services is highly debated having both positive and negative impacts on humans. In my opinion, Robots can be very efficient and provide great service.
, any benefits technology may offer to mankind are not enough to counter its potentially devastating effects.
essay will address the negatives of having robotic technology in our life. One of the major drawbacks of
automation is that it will increase unemployment rates in the country.
For example
, If robots are used to labour workers in the production units,
unqualified may have no other jobs leading to unemployment which may
lead to poverty and increased crime rates. Apart from job loss, robots are machines themselves so they cannot provide the required human touch like in medical services human touch is required which gives a sense of comfort to the patient.
, we are adding machines to our life which will result in higher e-waste around us. e-waste needs to be properly assessed, deposited with responsibility and possibly try to reuse or returned to the manufacturer. We have increased the debris in the space and we would not similar kind of huge waste on the planet.
For example
, if the robot's parts are unusable there will be a huge pile of metal waste near us. To Conclude, even though automation may solve numerous issues sometimes it is wise to avoid technological implementation to maintain social and economic balance in the world.
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