Some people claim that too much focus and resources have been spent to protect wild animals and birds. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, environmental activities have been much popular around the world. For
reason, many investments are made for preserving the natural creatures.
, some people argue that these major importance and funds are not necessary. I completely disagree with
To begin
with, many organizations are established to protect nature. One of them is European Environmental Agency (EEA). It always aims to organise activities which are related to the protection of the wild lives. In order to arrange these meetings, a huge amount of money is spent since these need to create difference and awareness.
For instance
, if someone attends any organizations like these, their awareness is increased thanks to them.
In addition
, EEA research published that humans, who are participated in these kinds of meetings, incline to yield more importance with respect to the past.
, recently, endangered wild species have been a crucial problem, and how to preserve endangered wild species has been a popular question throughout the world.
For example
, Kelaynak is a kind of bird which has very special in its habitat because it helps to carry some plants while its migration.
In other words
, these species are a key to habitat balance since the food chain is preserved thanks to them.
, they are not much more existence today, and they are
on the endangered animal list. Unfortunately, their territories are damaged a huge amount.
, companies are invested much more for saving them. Indeed, these great focus and funds are really necessary for natural balance. To conclude,
some people think that
importance is exaggerated, their ideas are not true. In order to maintain our life perfectly, even governments should support and give funds to companies.
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