The average standard of people's health is likely to be lower in the future than it is now. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

The advancement in modern technology made our life easy. It is said that the
of individuals is at risk
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and predicted to continue to reduce
in contrast
with the present. I completely agree with
fact, as we are depending more on technology and our eating habits are changed in the recent decade.
, with the introduction of fast foods and carbonated drinks, our practice of eating healthy homemade
noted a significant change. We, in the past, eat most of the
which are cooked with proper care and suitable for our body,
, fast
stores are replacing our pattern with unhygienic
which is detrimental to our
. To illustrate, people, particularly those who live in city areas prefer the take out
option rather than cooking
at home, as they do not have that much the time.
, the companies, which market themself as making our life easy, are actually making us lazy. With absolute dependency on machines, we have forgotten our workout, which provides aid to stay fit and healthy.
for example
- the activity of cleaning the house is now done by the robots, which was one type of workout happening in the past.
, replacements to automation are affecting our
. On the one hand, technology is considered to be the most useful tool to make our life utterly simple,
, I consider, the shift is not good for our
, with an increase in depression because of the work, our mental
considering getting lower. In summary, the
of the general population will continue to decrease in the future, because of the various factors
as modernization and the replacement of healthy foods, and I believe the same.
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