People today sleep less and less. What are causes of this? Do you think this is a positive development?

nowadays are sleeping lesser than their previous generations. Increasing working
and a change in lifestyle are the main reasons behind
. I feel
is a negative development in the long run as it results in serious
issues among
. Most
are working longer than ever and it is the primary reason that they are getting lesser bedtime. Today's jobs have become very competitive and
now need to spend extra
getting their work done, and
as a result
, they cut down on their sleeping
to make that extra time for their work.
For example
, most IT jobs require
to stretch longer than 10-12
daily and they get to sleep lesser than normal.
, the living style of overall society has changed where sleeping lesser has become a norm. To exemplify, folks across every age group now tend to stick to their mobile screens till late at night connecting with friends or watching movies,
Wrong verb form

It appears that your sentence or clause uses an incorrect form of the verb attend. Consider changing it.

show examples
late-night parties etc., and
don't get enough time to sleep properly.
shift in sleeping patterns is detrimental to the overall
of our present population. Many
who continue to sleep lesser develop chronic diseases
as hypertension, insomnia etc.
In addition
, they tend to weaken their power to focus as their mind is mostly exhausted without proper rest and sleep, which is essential for everyone's good
For instance
, we feel fresh and rejuvenated after a good nap at end of the day else we feel frustrated in case we miss out on our sleep regularly.
results in
deteriorating their
over time. To conclude, the present population has started cutting down on their sleeping quota due to rising work
and changing living habits. In the long run,
shift can cause more harm than good as
can severely damage their
due to lack of sleep.
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