some educators believe that every child should be taught how to play a musical instrument. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There have been antithetical opinions on the topic of studying music. A number of education experts think that all youngsters should possess some knowledge of operating musical instruments.
, I partially agree with the given notion because children should have a career preference rather than being forced. Music has a myriad of benefits.
, it promotes cognitive development. Playing a musical instrument requires the combination of different senses like sight and hearing
as well as
manual manipulation of these instruments with hands and feet simultaneously, which eventually inclines them towards multitasking effectively.
For instance
, when playing the classical drum, players have to make use of their legs, hands and brain all at once.
serves as a form of recreational activity which in the long run can be a source of income.
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is diversifying in various continents around the globe in
contemporary epoch and having a good skill in
area, one can make money with it.
, it enhances their cognitive abilities
as well as
serves as a financial resource in the future.
, juveniles are different in terms of nature, personalities and hobbies.
To begin
, it is not compulsory that they must be singing candidates. If they are forced to do what they have no interest in, there are a plethora of side effects.
, if adolescents learn painting, and singing
according to
their choice, they stand a chance to excel.
For example
, a television interview conducted by a group of scholars at the University of Lagos campus in the year 2002, reviewed that, over half of the undergraduates were not interested in their present field of study and derived no pleasure in studying them. More so, learning any musical appliance requires a lot of funds and low-income families can not afford the fee to buy the materials including paying a tutor.
, the interest of juveniles and the financial status of parents should be duly considered. In conclusion, certain
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insist that young people should be trained to play at least one piece of musical equipment. I believe that,
it is a diversional activity and boosts their intellectual development, it disregards their personal interests and poses a huge financial strain on parents.

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • educators
  • taught
  • play a musical instrument
  • benefits
  • cognitive skills
  • academic performance
  • physical coordination
  • motor skills
  • discipline
  • perseverance
  • express themselves
  • self-confidence
  • stress relief
  • relaxation
  • creativity
  • imagination
  • inclusivity
  • equal access
  • arts education
  • practical challenges
  • implementing
  • universal
  • balance
  • mandatory
  • academic subjects
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