Your local newspaper had an advertisement asking people to help with environmental projects in your area. Write a letter to the project manager to offer your help. Describe a local environmental issue Explain how you can help Suggest how to avoid the problem in future

Dear Sir or Madam, Hope you are doing great! My name is Rajesh and I am writing
letter with regards to the advertisement for an environmental project. I am a postgraduate in nature studies and hope you will find the suggestions highlighted below helpful. I have recently observed that many trees in my area were cut down to make place for a sports complex. While rural development is needed, I request you to make some plans to save the trees. One of the thoughts I have is to replant these trees in other remote areas.
is only possible with a suitable practical plan and technical equipment in place. As I said earlier, I have a related educational background
hold some experience in managing a similar situation. That being said, if you are comfortable I can start preparing the plan and based on your convenience I can present it to you to get
feedback. Requesting your kind attention to
subject and looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance! Best Regards, Rajesh
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