one of major issues facing world today is over population. What problem arise from this situation? What measures can be taken to deal with it?

Currently, the matter of over-populated cities has sparked grave issues. In
essay, the causes of
phenomenon in peopled areas will be identified and corresponding solutions will be proposed. A multitude of contributing factors is responsible for the fact that overcrowded metropolitans have become problematic. In the
place (
) exclusively devote their attention to their aims to develop in every aspect of today's world and reach advanced and sophisticated city facilities, treating urban sustainable development with utter disregard. Regrettably, being oblivious to
crucially important issue creates insuperable obstacles in
, the overpopulation of regions will take a heavy toll on communities. In the
place, the overwhelming majority of
adopt a conventional and traditional attitude when addressing the matter of highly-populated residual areas .
, poor and disappointing results will be yielded if authorities refuse to employ modern contemporary approaches as far as the predicaments of densely-populated districts are concerned.
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yet importantly, individuals do not appreciate the significance lies in the fact that de should be taken into serious consideration. Unfortunately, the importance of the population balance is contemptuously dismissed these days, while immense significance was attached to it in the past, and
flagrant disregard has led to chaotic towns. Considering the above-mentioned problems, I am of the opinion that adequate measures must be adopted to deal with
situation. Priority should be assigned to the fact that both the rise in the focus on the making population under control and taking contemporary avenues receive equal emphasis. Essentially, an endeavour must be undertaken by the
in charge so that the context will be provided for the development of modern onsight into bustling areas.
In other words
, it is incumbent upon
to take heed of
problem adequately if they are intent on its elimination.
, the responsibility for transforming traditional perceptions of high population scourges must be assumed by governors. There is a lot of evidence confirming that modern approaches in
field have proven beneficial as far as overcoming obstacles is concerned in a large number of the members of the
, not only are efficient shortcuts offered by modern methods, which can facilitate problem-solving and
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these methods suffer from fewer deficiencies in comparison with the old ones.
, the responsibility for promoting the culture of giving precedence to cramped neighbourhoods must be shouldered by governments. In dubitably,
end can be accomplished by means of utilizing Media which are ubiquitous nowadays. Specifically, governments should devise programs by which it is possible for them to affect
's perceptions in
a way that
will place great emphasis on highly congested places. In conclusion, various reasons have given rise to
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the difficulties of tightly-packed locations.
, I am convinced that actions
as concentrating more on improving authorities' focus, adopting modern methods to the incapability of traditional ways and enhancing the value of creating circumstances must be taken to address
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