Behaviour in schools is getting worse. Explain the causes of this problem and suggest some possible solutions.

Manners are very important these days, as they can tell more about a person than we think.
is why it is disturbing to hear that the rate at which students behave badly in schools is on the rise.
essay will discuss the reasons for
and suggest potential solutions to it. The most common causes of bad manners are bad parenting styles as well as peer group influences.
indirect, parents are our
line of socialization as they are tasked with the responsibility of teaching and guiding kids on what behaviour is or isn't appropriate.
, when
lessons aren't learnt, it is only natural that pupils exude nasty habits in class as they do not know any better. The other, perhaps related, issue is peer group interactions. As a child develops social awareness, he or she may feel the need to find their tribe or belong to a particular clan. Though highly encouraged,
definitely propels children into hanging out with mannerless kids who in turn, conscious or unconsciously model bad habits to them.
changes can be made, all hands must be on deck to ensure them.
of all, parents must lead by example. Caregivers should be aware of how their words or actions have profound effects on children.
simple, yet, effective practice allows them to have a mindset shift and grants them the opportunity to practice mindful parenting.
, the school has a huge role to play as well. They should ensure that they admonish bad behaviours and replace them with good. In conclusion, even though habits are getting worse due to bad parenting and peer pressure, there's still hope of re-doing it through conscious parenting and teachers monitoring and correcting.
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