With the rise of ebook comes the decline of paperwork some people see this as a good step forward while others do not. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend.

online is becoming common these days and a number of individuals considered
a good development, while others do not.
dissertation will examine the advantages and disadvantages of these trends. On the one hand, having
on the computer system or phone is beneficial.
is because individuals will not need to carry loads of
everywhere they're going. Just holding the phone is enough to access all kinds of reading materials the person wants.
For example
, students find it easy nowadays to read their
no matter where they are because they do not need to carry any physical book.
On the other hand
, there is a demerit of
present development. One of the cons is that many people have lost their jobs, especially in the printing press. To illustrate, one of my neighbours was complaining recently that the workload he gets in his shop has reduced drastically compared to what it used to be in previous years and
is because he no longer gets the job to print
or photocopying textbooks as scholars tend to download
from the internets and share it within themselves,
, they have no need for his services anymore. In conclusion, having the softcopies form of
has taken a toll on the production of hardcopies. The positive outcome of
is that it helps learners to study wherever they are since they don't need to have physical
before they can read.
, the disadvantages would not be overlooked as
has rendered a lot of people jobless.
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