In some culture, children are often told that they can achieve anything if they try hard enough. What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving children this message?

In some education, teachers and parents will tell their children that if they work harder, they can reach any goal.
type of strategy may benefit some pupils,
, it may have some negative impact on others. In
essay, I will briefly explain both sides of the view and give my own opinion.
of all, for the benefit,
educative strategy can motivate youngsters to put more effort into any situation, regardless of what the
is. If the outcome is successful, the young generation will become more ambitious and have
Change the article
the confidence

It appears that the noun confidence is not preceded by the correct article. Consider changing the article.

show examples
to conquer difficulties in their future.
Add an article
a failure

The noun phrase failure seems to be missing a determiner before it. Consider adding an article.

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, they will not lose their confidence simply.
, they can bear adversity and prepare to cope with the
For instance
, they will have an optimistic mind to deal with any problem.
On the other hand
, without any success, some young adults may become pessimistic because they will find out
statement is not always the truth. If they can not undergo failure, they may think that striving is meaningless. For those who have successful
Correct the article-noun agreement

The indefinite article a may not be required with the plural noun outcomes in this sentence. Consider removing the article, or changing the noun to singular.

show examples
outcomes, they might become overconfident and self-satisfied.
characteristic will lead them to a negative cycle when they get into trouble.
For example
, it will be hard for them to comprehend the reason why they failed. To sum up, it seems that there have both advantages and disadvantages whether the
the outcome, I think it is significant for adults to tell children not only to try harder during the process but
the way they look at the
. If the children can look at the positive way, they can put more effort into any difficulties which they will meet in their future life.
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