You are planning to go and study English at a school overseas. You would like some information about their courses. Write a letter to the school. In your letter ask about the school say what kind of accommodation you want mention any special requests you have (for example diet).

Dear Sir/Madam My name is Abdulaziz Alruhaimi from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. I have recently registered as a student at your
Change preposition
to in

It seems that preposition use may be incorrect here.

show examples
major law which is starting in December. I am writing
letter to have from you some information. I would like to have information about teachers and professors in
about their knowledge and experience
, let me know about the
location is there any nice places to visit
as restaurants, malls and café shops.
, I would like to have an apartment including two rooms and if possible, I would like to stay close to
, so I don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to get there and
is very important to me.
In addition
to that, I need some information about the benefits of
Correct article usage
a student

It seems that there is an article usage problem here.

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Add the comma(s)

It appears that you are missing a comma or two with the interrupter for example. Consider adding the comma(s).

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example, discounts in gyms or like these things I look forward to hearing from you soon Best Regards
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