You recently took a trip with a taxi company. The driver behaved in an unacceptable way and you had a lot of problems. You complained to the company but no-one has replied to your complaint. Write a letter to the taxi company. In your letter say why you are writing and how you feel explain what happened tell them what you would like them to do.

Dear Sir, I am writing to complain about the misbehaviour of your cab driver who was assigned for my
week's trip from Delhi to Ghaziabad.
I raised
issue with the company on the very
day, till now I have not received any response from them. I am a regular customer of your cab services but
time, I am extremely displeased with the address of my issue. It does not feel safe to me booking any
rides in future. Not only did the driver arrive late at the pick-up point but
on asked about the reason, he replied in an angry manner and started driving rashly to scare me off. I warned him to raise a formal complaint but to my surprise, he remained ignorant and kept on arguing throughout the ride. I called your customer care instantly but nobody picked up the call
, I had to record and send the message to an automatic message receiver bot of your company. I would like you to take action against the driver promptly as it could put travellers at risk.
, as a suggestion please create a proper forum for the clients to raise their issues and to provide updates on their statuses.
way customers will have more faith in your services. Thanks for your consideration, Regards, Rubina Gill
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