You have a friend who has always liked the car you currently drive. Now you have decided to sell the car. You think your friend might be interested in buying it. Write a letter to this friend. In your letter, say why you want to sell your car describe the condition of the car invite the friend to come and see the car himself/herself someday Write at least 150 words.

Dear Ravi, I hope
letter finds you well. I am writing
letter with mixed emotions as I decided to sell my beloved
due to a financial crisis in business.
, I need to pay my bank debts as well to avoid additional interest rates.
In addition
, I cannot drive
as it requires a huge maintenance cost during the maintenance window. As you know, my
is the best in the market with phenomenal features. The
's performance is immaculate when compare to other cars.
, you will be over the moon during the trip.
but not least, it
has a substantial space in the trunk despite the model and I am sure you can keep a big suitcase for your vacation.
, I would love to invite you to see my
's condition during your free time. It would be great if you could confirm at least two days before so that I can keep the
in the garage to have quick look. If you have any question regarding price, model & features please do not hesitate to call me. If required I will book a cab to visit my place and do not think about expenses and they are on me. I look forward to hearing a response with the best possible dates to see my
. Best regards, Lakshmi.
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