Some students work while studying. This often results in lacking time for education and constantly feeling under pressure. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?

There is a considerable number of
who work while studying which led to having difficulties with their education.
can cause many problems and I will be presenting its underlying causes and highlighting its effects. Regarding the causes, there are many reasons why
take up jobs along with their studies. We can mention financial difficulties as one main factor. It is widely known that
education is a legal right of every child yet it still remained a privilege for many children who come from a family with low income. The rising tuition fees are
one example of
problem as it has become impossible for low-class families to send their kids to school.
income will help them graduate.
, the increasing living expenses is
another reason; and in some ,cases
are intended to gain experience which can give them a hand in increasing their employability. But what are the solutions? Fortunately, there are many considerable solutions.
For instance
, in many countries, the authorities have regulated the hours of part-time jobs to 20 hours per week.
can help
in maintaining a balance between work and education.
In addition
, there are schools where that provide a low amount of tuition or free scholarships for
. So, the government could play its own effective role in
. To conclude, even though working while studying can lead to many issues,
as being emotionally and physically exhausted and burned out, they are learning at managing time and money which can be a good alternative.
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