Your company has sent you for a course abroad, and you got a certificate there, but you somehow lost it. Write a letter to the college principal to send the certificate to you. In your letter. Describe how you lost it? Explain why you need it now. What do you want the principal to do?

Dear Principal, I am writing
letter to inform you about my missing
which I received a few days back right after the course completion. I have placed it in the highly secured area but unfortunately, I could not see it in the same place and I guess somebody might have taken it away from my room. As you know, I travelled all the way from the USA for
course and I cannot go back with empty hands to my company.
, everyone is thinking that I have received a phenomenal
my manager would not approve my travel expenses without that
is crucial to my employer as well.
, That
would help me to showcase my additional strength despite my Immaculate experience in the competitive industry.
, I would request you please send an email confirmation to my employer with a tentative date of issuing a new
, if possible please include me in that mail communication so that I can explain the same to my boss. It would be great if you could do
right away without any
delay and I am
sending my manager's email Id for your reference. I look forward to hearing a response with the great news of email confirmation. Best Regards, Lakshmi.
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