Some hold the view that ideas and information should be completely open, and there should be no control on what people can read and watch in the media (TV, newspaper, Internet) Do you agree with this view, or do you think that in some circumstances governments should limit the freedom of the media?

These days, accessing the data and news become much easier because of the mass
. Mass
as Television, newspaper and the Internet are accessible from almost every part of the world. Many
believe that some restriction in accessing information is needed, whereas others argued that
freedom is an essential factor for democracy. In
essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument and I will express my opinion that why I do not think the government’s censorship is acceptable. Some
claim that broadcast and
should be controlled and banned in some cases. It is their view that government is responsible for some violent and
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sites and channels. So, by curbing
content threats will be diminished.
, some countries' governments prefer to censor some social
and news channels which narrate opposed ideas.
For instance
, in North Korea due to the propagation of their false beliefs, there is no live-stream foreign program on national TV. A growing number of
believe that governments
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not the right to control
. Because being able to access all information is one of the main factors of democracy and freedom in a society.
That is
to say, among lots of channels to flicks and web pages to surf
can choose their favourite ones intellectually.
is substantial for a community, parents should be able to restrict some inappropriate and illegal subjects for their immature children to decrease the risk of
on their family. In conclusion,
is a kind of double-edged sword that can be used in a positive and negative way. It can be controlled by governments due to political and security purposes,
it can be freely accessible to respect human rights. Personally, I think in the modern era clarity highly matters and free
is one of the major aspects of achieving clarification and
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democratic society.
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