Young people are often influenced in their behaviors and situations by others in the same age. This is called "peer pressure". Do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?

Teenagers' lifestyles are often influenced by seeing others of their same age, which we called as peer pressure. I completely believe changing their natural Identity for the sake of others would negatively affect their lives. Whilst acknowledging that there are benefits,
essay will demonstrate how the drawbacks of swaying outweigh the advantages. To commence with the merits, a child can obtain many good deeds by watching others. Smoking and liquor consumptions are the most prominent problems in today's world. So, if an adolescent is a teetotaller,
the people who are in close connection with him would develop the same habit, which brings adequate benefits for the children who are following him. To illustrate
, a friend of mine quit his alcoholic addiction, because he was deeply influenced by my good behaviours.
As a result
, he is now preaching to everyone to leave their bad habits. In regard to the demerits, There are many reasons, which can bring a terrible future to the people who are badly influenced. One of the prime causes is a lifestyle, many indigent children are often changing their attire style by seeing their fellow affluent classmates, which is perilous to their life because it tends to create nefarious thoughts in them. To exemplify
, if a parent would not able to afford a costly attire for their child,
he would steal the money from the home,
aptitude would develop in a long run.
is why I am justifying the changes that may foil their life. In conclusion, even though there is much well-being, which can help to make a child's future better.
In contrast
, it is adversely impacting the youngsters, and it may destroy their good life.
, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.
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