Some people say that advertising is extremely successful at persuading us to buy things. Other people think that advertising is so common that we no longer pay attention to it

Advertising is one of the many ways manufacturers convince folks to purchase their products.Many
argue that advertisement still persuades us to buy things while others are of the opinion that it is ubiquitous so
no longer regard them.
essay would discuss both views as well as state my opinion. I think society is more conscious and aware
they purchase products for what it offers than what it is advertised for. On the one hand,manufacturers utilize the persuasive power of
to sell their products.These
are made interesting and are repeatedly seen on various social media platforms,televisions,newspapers etc,
repetition has a way of playing with the mind as
become interested in things they see on a daily basis.
For example
,in the music industry,artists pay radio stations and television channels to play their tune daily,the replay of
piece draws our attention and sparks interest and likes for the music.
,adverts make the public aware of a particular
without having to research about it as information is brought to the doorstep of consumers
those in need of the commodity can easily be enticed to purchase it.
On the other hand
,advertisements have become so popular and common that
pay little attention to them.
is because communities are more knowledgeable that some
are overhyped and do not really offer what they advertise.
For instance
,research has shown that most adverts exploit the mind ,showing the public the good side of the brand without truly showing them what the
really stands for.
, these adverts show better quality of the
than what is actually produced for the public.
act by marketers has dented the perception of advertisements by society and they tend to dismiss them anytime they come across one. In conclusion,
advertisements play a major role in
sales,I am of the opinion that
as they are delusional and misleading.
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