crime is a problem all over the world and there is nothing that can be done to prevent it, to what extent do you agree or disagree.

has become a serious issue all over the globe. I strongly agree that nothing can be done to prevent it.
To begin
with, it is a personal choice and attitude to commit a
. We could not control a group or individual
for committing a
For example
, if a group of criminals plan to rob a bank and it is going to occur even though the bank has very advanced security features. As consequence,
are hard to prevent but can be reduced.
For instance
, the education government department can instil the correct morals in their residents starting at a young age in order to decrease the
rates. Starting teaching children the correct morals from a young age can benefit all youngsters as it plays an important role in building their personalities.
, we cannot predict
from happening and prevent them immediately but it is possible for us to reduce the
, there are various types of cases happening all over the world.
as robbery, murder, kidnapping and more surround us every day and cannot be predicted. Different types of criminal activities are widespread and they are large in number compared to the police force.
, it is hard for the police forces and governments to keep track of criminal activities occurring around the city.
are hard to be prevented. In conclusion, I firmly agree that nothing can be done to avert the
which occur here and there.
, we must always be vigilant at all times.
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