Some people think that it is too difficult for poor people or people from rural areas to go to university. So that the universities should make it especially easy for them. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

A section of society is of the opinion that it is challenging for penniless individuals from the village to attend a tertiary institution.Meanwhile,they opine that it should be made simple for the impoverished.I agree with
because the
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can come to their aid.
essay will explain in detail the reasons for my stance
as well as
examples in the subsequent paragraphs.
To begin
with,one of the most compelling reasons for agreeing with
is the loss of
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.There are a lot of students in the rural areas who are very brilliant.
due to
not having enough funds from their parents to attend university ,they tend to engage in farm work.
For example
,in my village ,a friend of mine had 9 As in his secondary school exams but because his parent
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not have money to take him to school .He is still in the house working with his father.If the state gives
students scholarships to be able to attend Universities,these people will become prominent people in society to help the nation.
tertiary education needs funds to run, the government should give scholarships to fewer privileged individuals.
,another reason for concording with
is improving the standard of living.If the government makes university easy for the impoverished .They will be able to get a secure job to do after completion .In order to get a well-paying occupation ,an individual must have a qualification and
can be achieved through education.
For instance
,for someone to be a nurse,the person must go to a nursing training college.
will help them improve their standard of living.
,it will lead to more professionalism in society which will help benefit the nation.As they work ,they will pay taxes which will be used to build infrastructure like good roads and hospitals which the citizens will benefit from. In conclusion,the essay argued that penniless pupils must be helped by authorities to gain admission into tertiary schools.Loss of
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and prevention of poverty are the two reasons I opine with
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • barriers
  • limited access
  • financial constraints
  • equality and diversity
  • comprehensive approaches
  • scholarships
  • mentorship programs
  • academic support
  • root causes
  • maintaining academic standards
  • fairness
  • merit-based
  • inclusive higher education system
  • social and economic benefits
  • dynamism
  • innovation
  • tailored support
  • admission criteria
  • inclusive approach
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