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Some people call for easier access to universities for students with a humble background. While it may give more chances for certain kinds of pupils, I personally reckon that this policy will have serious negative impacts on both society and individuals.
Further education has become increasingly common nowadays for young generations. However, due to the economic situation in some families, it is suggested that universities should lower admission standards for these impoverished applicants. I completely disagree with this idea and I will explain my opinion with examples in this essay.
Equal opportunities to pursue higher education regardless of social-economic status remain controversial. Although some say that universities should lower admission requirements for countryside and poorer students, I believe that such an approach is neither feasible nor desirable and I will explain why.
In these days, higher institute are become important for human to gain knowledge for their working life but it is opine by few masses that it is hard to poor people which belong to country side area to go to university. So the higher institute must make it easy for them. I completely agree with this statement because poor people also need to increase their knowledge for get job easily.
A group of people believes that it's difficult, for people from a village environment or less privileged people to get acceptance in universities, so what should university do? Make getting acceptance easy for them, would this help? I would partially disagree with the statement mentioned above.
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