Many people today do not feel safe either at home or when they are out. What are the causes? What are the solutions?

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our public security was great in the past, but nowadays it is not as good as in previous years, and some citizens feel that society is neither safe at home
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essay will discuss what are some of the possible causes and offer possible solutions. I believe that for some of the following reasons our safety was put in jeopardy.
, video game addiction impacted teenagers deeply. Some video games are cruel and bloody, and
is impacting
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of people who play the games. Some gamers will confuse real life and game life, which causes them to be numb to pain and suffering.
, employment status is
an issue.
For instance
, my uncle is jobless, and he does not have any income which makes him feel hungry and in poor mental health. Food is necessary for our bodies.
, when they do not have money to get what they need, start living a life of crime.
For example
, my friend Jack is unemployed and he was caught by the police, for stealing a loaf of bread from the supermarket when he was starving. There are several solutions to help the crime rate decrease. The first idea is to encourage your family and friends to do more outdoor activities to reduce their gaming time. To be honest, internet addicts find it difficult to control their gaming time, so they need help from others. Another idea is for the government to implement more schemes to help the unemployed find new work faster. Another example is Jason who was made redundant
month. He was worried about an income to feed his family,
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scheme backed by the government has helped him find a new position In conclusion, we read and hear about the increase
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crime in
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, and we need to find out the causes and solutions to improve our families in the community
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