Write a letter to your local council that the road in front of your house is damaged. In your letter, you should: tell him your name and where you are living describe the problem suggest what you want him to do for it.

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Alexander Steve residing in the apartment Unitech Blossoms, Flat no 8, Bellandur Bangalore. I would like to draw your attention to the pothole in our area which was due to the laying cable for telecom services. Our residents have informed the telecom authorities many times but they are reluctant to repair the
. The telecom authorities dug deep holes to enhance their services but did not repair the
Correct article usage
the completion
show examples
of their work. Only half of the
is available for use which results in traffic during peak office hours. The rainy season has started, and water clogs in the pothole and the transformer beside it
Change the verb form
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wires which extend till the pothole and into the water creating unsafe conditions. Many people find it difficult to use the
at night. I would suggest you take immediate action to repair the damaged
. I would really appreciate your help in
regard. Yours Sincerely, Alexander Steve
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Use a variety of complex and simple sentences

You should use complex sentences in your writing, but it does not mean that you should try to make all of our sentences complex.

‘Complex’ sentences are not actually very complex; they are just two or more simple sentences put together. Putting them together makes the essay more coherent and cohesive.


I really want to study but I’m too tired.

I wore a warm coat because the weather was cold.

If action is not taken soon on climate change, global warming will get worse.

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