Many things that use to be done in the home by hand are now being done by the machines. Does this development bring more advantage or disadvantage?

Most of the household tasks, which people used to do manually, are currently performed by using home appliances. Undoubtedly, doing domestic chores, with these instruments has made public life comfortable;
, it affects folks' health.
essay will describe both pros and cons by citing examples. The Major benefit of using machines to do household performance easily with saving time. Devices are faster and more efficient to perform different jobs than humans.
, applying
equipment, to complete domestic tasks will not only be linked with time but
effort to the appliers.
equipment makes folk's life more relaxing.
For instance
, a grinder, which people are using these days to grind spice, takes only a few minutes to smash the spice.
, before the advent of
instrument, most crowds
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to do that job manually which took a critical amount of time.
On the other hand
, the main downside is that the dependency on appliances affects human fitness.
is because people get used to a sedentary lifestyle as they perform most of their work achieved by the appliances.
, they do less physical movement;
, burn
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calories, resulting in certain well-being issues.
For example
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recent survey conducted by the WHO narrated that the rate is 50% higher for those grown-ups who are mostly dependent on electronic devices to finish their trials. In conclusion,
the use of devices in domestic tasks is most effective for mankind as these make living more convenient, few individuals oppose the view that it is harmful to physical health.
, if the demerit can be avoided with stringent regulation for the betterment of health, a propensity can be created that no one can deny the positive sides of technical home accessories.
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