Mrs Barrett, an English-speaking woman who lives in your town, has advertised for someone to help her in her home for a few hours a day next summer. Write a letter to Mrs Barrett. In your letter: • suggest how you could help her in her home • say why you would like to do this work • explain when you will and will not be available

Dear Mrs Barrett I am writing in relation to the advertised position of yours. My name is Malik.I am a student.I can help you in your home during the following summer.
, I would like to let you know that I have a solid background as a plumber.If there is an issue with respect to that I am unable to repair it.
, I can clean your garden and garage. Recently, my family has had financial problems because
month my father was dismissed from work, due to
reason I should find a part-time job in order to fulfil my education needs.
That is
why I would like to be your helper chores. I will only be available between the hours 2 and 5 pm Monday-Saturday because I will have to be at university in the morning,
,I will go to the private language course. My grandfather is suffering from cancer and I will be taking care of him every Sunday Please feel free if you have any
questions to contact me Yours sincerely Malik Maliki
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