Some people say that individuals who make a lot of money are the most successful. Others think that those who contribute to society like scientists and teachers are more successful. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

It is often argued that
is about who can make more
On the other hand
, others believe people achieve their
by contributing to science studies and teaching. The following paragraphs will highlight both views based on my opinion and some relevant examples.
of all, nowadays, social media has pressured individuals to show off their wealth. It has become more common thought that if you have a lot of
, you would be a successful person.
, to earn the wanted amount of fortune, there is needed a lot of hard work and sacrifice of many moments with family.
For example
, medicine is a desire for almost every student that wants to become rich,
, they have to study for a long time, and miss parties and celebrations with friends.
, when acting in the area, they still have to work many hours, overnights missing special dates.
, even with
, people would not enjoy life.
In addition
is not related to how much
you have, but to how you enjoy the experience and how you contribute to the world. The contribution to society is essential for life and it brings hope.
For instance
, scientists have discovered a
to make seawater suitable to drink, it has been tested and would be a
not only for the discovery
Remove the comma

The comma before the conjunction but also appears to be unnecessary. Consider removing it.

show examples
for the future worldwide. For that reason, people should study what they like and contribute in the
they can. In conclusion, in my opinion, making
is not a
to be successful, but the
you contribute and live a healthy and happy life.
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