Buying things on the internet, such as books, air tickets, and groceries is becoming more and more popular. Do the advantages of shopping in this way outweigh the disadvantages?

In the present circumstance,
are having a tendency to purchase necessities on the
regularly. In my opinion, the benefits of online shopping outweigh the disadvantages.
essay will discuss both sides, the advantages and the drawbacks of
shopping. On the one hand, online shopping possess some threats that traditional shopping can overcome.
and foremost, is the lack of real-life experience. As
can only observe products online and can not examine the quality of the product, they might encounter poor-manufactured or damaged goods
as clothes or glass tools.
, the cost of purchasing only would appear to be higher compares to real-life shopping. As not only do individuals need to pay for the product, but they will
need to afford the transportation fee. Especially for foreign shipping, the accumulated fee can increase dramatically,
On the other hand
, buying things on the
offers numerous benefits for the community. For one thing, people will be removed from the need of traveling as they can access online shops using the
In addition
, countless online platforms,
as Tiki, Shoppee, and Lazada in Viet Nam, provide their users with a lot of privileges like membership awards or discount coupons.
purchasing offers
a wider variety of choices. To illustrate, the local groceries stores in a person's area may lack various products, in order to solve that, residents can search for information online and order
those food
Change the determiner
that food

It appears that the plural demonstrative those is modifying the singular noun food. Consider using a singular demonstrative or a plural noun instead.

show examples
. In conclusion, I strongly believe that online shopping creates numerous benefits for
, I
recommend that individuals should examine and consider carefully before deciding to purchase online, as it possesses a lot of problems.
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