The Government is spending a lot of money to discover life on other planets. Some people think that government is wasting money and should spend more money addressing the problems of public. To what extent do you agree?

con-current age, owing to the unprecedented progress of technology, various researchers have been trying to provide suggestions for life in another space way. To explore
related trend, the responsible authority expresses its propensity by giving support to the monetary sector and even more.
, a bunch of personages opines that
finance can be utilized generously in addressing the drawbacks of the folks. I am partially in accord with
view and
thesis, I will explain every part by citing illustrations and conclude with my standpoint.
To begin
with, we, the individuals are encountering a multitude of issues where the public can not achieve their basic needs.
of expending money on territory study, if the administration had used
for human beings' well-being, it would have been possible to remove all dilemma achieve and achieve an aim for the betterment of the common people.
For instance
, the administrative authority of Bangladesh has taken some planned initiatives that
ruler tries to aid in several human rights basis cases and after that when
demand will be fulfilled, at that moment the regime will vehemently start their survey to search the new planet.
On the other hand
, in
cutting-edge era, the myriad necessities of the public are ameliorated drastically. The world faces a vast range of hardships predisposed in numerous fields.
for example
, fulfilling human wants is mandatory, the exploration of other worlds has achieved the propensity due to the increasing level of importance.
, despite having multi-difficulties, when the government could be planned for each sector respectively, all demanding factors will be implemented. In conclusion, to recapitulate, both stands have their clarification. I feel being on the one hand, to demolish all downsides,
on the contrary
, to do the wonderful practice of the new developments. Notwithstanding all questions will be solved if the authority can set up a proper plan for doing both criteria.
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