Many criminals resort back to crime as soon as they are released from prison. What do you think are the causes for this? What effects will this have on society.

It is observed that once the felons are discharged from jail, they resort back to felonies. Various factors could be responsible for
as lack of monetary funds and unemployment due to notoriety.
conduct leads to various repercussions on the community like mental illness for the victim. To commence with, the primary reason for offenders turning back to misdeeds is the unavailability of finances to survive. Wealth is the most necessary element in
era to sustain life. From food to clothing, everything is dependent on money. When criminals do not have financial security, they are compelled to commit certain crimes
as robbery, kidnapping or murder.
For instance
, according to a survey, 48% of bank robberies in New York are the outcome of the financial crisis.
, money is the major cause of lawbreakers returning back to the offences.
In addition
, another reason for
action could be the unavailability of jobs to earn cash.
the culprit is released from lock-up, they are still considered to be dangerous which invokes mistrust among people to employ them. As a consequence, to revenge for their insult or to satisfy their needs, they seek criminal activities
as murder, rape, physical assault or blackmailing.
For example
, reports suggest that 67% of cases of murders are a reaction to joblessness and abuse.
, the disrepute brought by imprisonment results in reinvolvement in crime.
, these misconducts cause emotional breakdowns in the target and their families.
, it can sometimes lead to permanent disability. An example of
is, several girls are attacked with acid since they rejected marriage proposals which destroy their beauty as well as career.
, the product of these deeds can be seriously harmful to numerous lives. To summarize, dishonour and poverty are the elements that influence humans to resort to crime after their release from prison.
, they have an adverse effect on society.
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