Even though governments have worked hard to bring about improvements in the healthcare system, the overall standard of physical health in developed countries is decreasing. What are the potential reasons for this, and what are some of the long-term effects?

Physical fitness is important for the human body. High authorities have
left no stone unturned to improve the healthcare department.
, in some developed nations physical well-being of folks is dropping down.
essay will shed the light on the main causes of
problem and its impact on upcoming lives.
To begin
with, the predominant issue is that families are addicted to unhealthy food. Even folks are denying home-cooked meals and preferred to eat from restaurants, where they not only consume oiled food but
sometimes sit in an unhygienic environment that leads them to catch sickness easily.
For instance
, if children start eating junk food in excess range, it will impact their immunity. Another reason is stress, these days society is working in a fast-paced environment and have no time for a proper meal and
with a small time left they prefer takeaway meals.
, they will not stay healthier in the future.
lifestyle has some serious consequences.
as if a person has diabetes, it is possible that he would pass that disease to his child due to the fact that
disease travels through genes and transfer from one generation to another generation.
, a child could be a victim of obesity, while he is in his early age if he regularly eats unhealthy meals and not doing any exercise.
unhealthy life has a life-threatening impact on the human body. In conclusion, communities are facing these issues because of a lack of proper diet and stressful life which would have long-term effects on their lives.
the government is working very hard to provide the best healthcare system to the country, the citizens of developed countries have contributed to decreasing standards because of their poor lifestyles, to improve their fitness, the population must change their diet.
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