Some people think certain prisoners should be made to do unpaid community work instead of being put behind bars. To what extent do you agree?

Crimes, in many countries, have gone beyond a tolerable rate and the practice of putting convicted people in jail is becoming common. Irrespective of the type of crime criminals commit, they often face a certain term of imprisonment. A segment of society opines that not all offences are equal and particular cases should be tolerated from
kind of harsh punishment, and
be obliged to take part in unrewarded social services. I personally believe methods of punishment should vary providing the severity of the crime as well as the number of times that crime is committed. On the one hand, misdeeds stem from a variety of causes and it is not necessary to force every perpetrator into mandatory confinement. The predominant reason for me to support
is that many people are not born criminals, and often circumstances are what push them into transgressing.
For instance
, committing petty crimes out of poverty or on the spur of the moment.
offenders who have learnt from their mistakes and
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for the community’s acceptance should be given an opportunity to reform and prove themselves. Ultimately, unpaid social work is a plausible punishment in lieu of obligatory captivity.
On the other hand
, heinous violations
as premeditated murder, acts of terrorism or rape should not be tolerated and should be given the stringiest punishments including prison terms. As the repercussions left behind are widespread and dreadful, it is simply unfair to let those transgressors be unattended and undoubtedly, dangerous. On top of
, if a person becomes a criminal for the
time, they are hopeless at redeeming themselves. Both categories should be critically punished and not let outside of prison bars without
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proper security and police supervision. To recapitulate, not every wrongdoing is justifiable and should be taken into consideration before deciding the seriousness of the sentence. Remorseful criminals who commit trivial crimes for the
time should be given a
chance by being allowed to take part in unpaid community services, whereas brutal and unrepentant ones should be kept captivated for the sake of society.
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