In many countries, people are living in a “throwaway society” where things are used for a short time and thrown away. What are the causes of this and what problems does it lead to?

These days, people are increasingly disregarding objects that become out of fashion. Several are the factors in
widespread trend, yet many drawbacks could arise from it. Some of the underlying reasons that contribute to the "throwaway society" are inextricably related to the new advancements in technology.
For instance
, the fear of missing out, aka "FOMO", is the prime reason why individuals feel the need to dismiss old objects in order to stay updated with the latest technologies.
That is
, whenever new models of certain products are released, they make sure to instantly acquire them to keep up with their peers.
, modern tendencies have brought about new faulty devices that become obsolete after little use. IPhone's operative system,
for example
, is known to stop functioning after a determined period of time.
way, there is a certainty in the growing market that more devices will have to be purchased. The most urgent problems associated with
trend are the alarming increase in environmental pollution and the fall of specialised industries.
For example
, the significant convenience of single-use products has influenced people to consume more and recycle less.
As a result
, the detrimental effect of
items irreversibly doubled society's carbon footprint in the
, companies dedicated to the creation of long-lasting elements
as furniture, arts and crafts, handmade utensils and so on, are harmed by the trend by which folks spend fewer dollars for cheaper goods. If
noble items continue to be disregarded the disappearance of these corporations will be certain in the foreseeable future. To conclude, owing to the new ways of the modern world people are dismissing things more often than ever before. Lacking awareness in regard to the problems
behaviour will bring to society
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will ensure more traditional companies suffer the consequences and far more harmful will be our carbon emissions.
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