Mobile phones should be banned in public places such as libraries, shops or on public transport. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people are of the opinion that phones should be forbidden in public places
as public transport, libraries, and shops. In my point of view, it is weird to ban gadgets and I totally disagree with the position.
topic will examine
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show examples
with the restriction of smartphones in public places. First and foremost, every person owns a smartphone and it is easy to connect with in case of some questions or accidents.
modern world motivates to buy innovative technologies and get in touch with friends, family members, and colleagues via messengers and communicate online.
In addition
, some cases have to be executed immediately. Namely, if the person falls down or feels worse, he could make an emergency call without latencies because it could increase the opportunity to save the life.
but not least, the internet helps to open a navigator, translate a word, and order a taxi without bothering strangers and asking questions.
, there is no need to search for a place blindly to eat healthy and tasty foodstuff.
, based on feedback from a search, there is a chance, probably, to try a delicious meal.
For example
, when an individual takes a bus,
the navigator shows the route to the destination and there is a minimum possibility to miss the station.
To conclude
, these days, gadgets make individuals' lives easier
as well as
more comfortable.
, the restriction of mobile phones in public places could make it worse rather than giving some benefits. Being online and calling someone whenever the individual wishes is crucial in
epoch of gadgets.
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