In many workplaces, online communication is now more common than face-to-face meeting. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages

Today, more and more companies use zoom meetings to communicate, which is much more convenient than face-to-face meetings. I believe that having a conference online is beneficial for human communication everywhere. It outweighs the disadvantages.
essay will discuss and provide my examples.
To begin
with, there are a lot of companies that have online ways to communicate with their partners, colleagues and businessmen etc. For instance, when the Covid-19 pandemic had a huge number of businessmen who could not travel to different nations so they just used online platforms
as zoom, webinars and so on.
can be beneficial for various countries' institutions that have to run their commerce.
, a large number of overseas students have been locked down in their own cities during the pandemic. Some education organisations had to keep overseas learners studying at home, while they let learners use online keeping of study.
leads to a good way for everyone to learn. Even though the online method is better, it is leading to the issue of human interaction.
For example
, the elder generations are not good at using technological products to talk to the new generations.
results in big generational gaps for them.
, face-to-face communication
has a better way for people to observe their partners through facial expressions and body language. It is nowhere near as difficult as the zoom platform. In a nutshell, I feel that having to meet online is beneficial for human communication everywhere, and it has more aspects than facetime.
, face time is needed for everyone, and it is easier to observe and understand their partners.
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