Buying things on the internet, such as books, air ticket and groceries, is becoming more and more popular. Do the advantages of shopping this way outweigh the disadvantages?

Nowadays, there are many methods for ordering things and goods from markets. Using networks for shopping is becoming widespread, in spite of the positive and negative. I totally agree that the positives are more than the negatives. In
essay, I will discuss and give the reasons to approve that.
of all, in recent times, everyone has been involved in online shopping in any way. Because of that, there are positives to shopping by using networks.
, it saves time.
For example
, normally, if someone wants to buy a T-shirt, he should walk or drive to the shops. But in online shopping, he no needs to go anywhere. The only thing that he should do, opens his lab top. In fact, it is saving time and effort.
, items and goods variety. In the network, it can be found many types and varieties of goods and items, because it is an international market.
On the other hand
, there are negative sides to online shopping
as, is difficult to assure quality. Because the shopping relays only on pictures and photos and these are not enough for assuring.
For instance
, the colours, size and how the good look like it can be identified but others quality factors cannot be assured. The
con is waiting for receiving. It is known that, after online purchasing, we have to wait until the items arrive.
could take time maybe for days. In conclusion, there are both advantages and disadvantages to network shopping. In my opinion, advantages overcome disadvantages.
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