Many manufactured food and drinks products contain a high level of sugar, cause health problems. Sugary products should be made more expensive to encourage people to consume less sugar. do you agree or disagree?

Good health is the most imperative and precious present to us.
it is our responsibility to take care of our bodies. Nowadays the majority of food factories consume a substantial amount of sugar in their manufactured edibles. It is argued that prices of these sugary food items ought to be escalated to decrease their consumption. I agree with the statement.
essay will discuss the topic and will give a valid conclusion. Eating sugary food has many negative aspects. To commence with, an increased level of glucose in the body causes individual diabetes which is related to heart problems and ultimately death occurs in worse conditions.
For example
, my friend's grandfather had an excruciating condition when he was only forty years old and it was all due to diabetes. In spite of being a strong young man, he got
disease by intake of sugar edibles and lost his job due to paralysis.
, by consuming a lot of sweets there will be an increase in the number of obese people who will suffer from different diseases
as diabetes, hypertension and heart attack resulting in an immense burden on a country's health system. To illustrate
point, prior to eating sugar-made items hospital were not packed with patients,
, unfortunately, nowadays 80% of departments contains diabetic patients. There are some remedies to the above problems.
, the government should increase the cost of sweets,
as a result
, the frequency of consuming them will come down.
, people should practice exercises and join a gymnasium to keep themselves fit and healthy.
In other words
, the government should install free of cost exercise machines in nearby parks for the public. To sum up,
, sweets are delicious and manufacturers introduce a variety of sweet dishes to attract consumers.
, in my opinion, it has plenty of drawbacks which lead to an unhealthy body both physically and mentally.
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