Many people believe that good planning is the key factor to success in life, while others believe that other factors like hard work or luck are more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is said that there are a variety of factors which lead to a successful life. Some believe that the major reason is to have perfect planning, while some argue that other reasons,
as hard
are much more crucial.
, I entirely concur with the latter statement based on hardworking
, I believe that hard
is the most significant factor leading to accomplishment. As the old say, there is no inborn genius, but only hard
creates genius. It is true that successful life means we can achieve our goals and do not have to struggle with living.
For instance
, if you wish to become a doctor, you have to study hard in order to fulfil the excellent academic requirement.
In contrast
, if you do not study hard, how can you reach the harsh requirement? It reveals that you have to put in the effort in exchange for an advance, as there is no free lunch.
In addition
, sometimes
is a milestone on the way to achievement,
as when you are on the waiting list for a medicine offer,
is essential at that moment, as it determines whether you can become a doctor or not. On a whole, we tend not to underestimate the importance of hard
, which are the bread and butter on the way to progress.
, some argue that perfect planning is vital, as you can trace your progress and achieve your dream eventually. As we all know, good planning, means you have to set both short-term and long-term targets so that you can see whether you have any progress or not.
For example
, when you set your ultimate goal as being a surgeon,
you have to set a short-term goal which is to study hard in order to reach the minimum academic requirement of entering med school,
, when you completed the task and start your med school journey, you have to score top 10% in the surgery block so as to get an surgery specialized offer. In fact, when you break down your big dream into different small tasks, you can easily complete those tiny targets and eventually reach your aim. It is undoubted that without planning, even though you are extremely hardworking you might not walk closer to your goal. In a nutshell, both sides have strong arguments on
, I strongly agree with other factors are more essential.
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Word Count

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