Some people believe that money is the best gift for teenagers while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

There are some opinions about that. Nowadays, humans give different things as gifts. While some argue that money is a good gift for teenagers, others claim that it has a negative impact on teenagers. I, on my part, believe that teenagers should be given more books as gifts. To commence with the view on the former group. There are two reasons behind their position.,
is that. Some people think that money is the best present for adults because choosing a present is difficult.
, during adolescence, they want to get a lot of things as the present. Parents hesitate to give presents.
, people prefer to give money. It has a negative impact on their life. They may be on useless stuff ,
for instance
, playing video games and becoming addicted to alcohol.Definitely, other arguments exist too, but the ones mentioned, I believe, do stand out. Turning to the latter group's point of view, they
have their own group to justify the position they hold,
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all of, some teens use it for useful stuff if someone ability them cash, they could get the required materials for their interests.
For example
, book reading is a famous happy maintained by teens and they want to select a book in their own genre and buy it. The availability of other arguments is undeniable, but mentioning them is not worthy. In conclusion,
the opinions of people humans have different views. I personally believe that cash competence is the best present for adults.
, they get what they want through it.
as their favourite meals, clothes and shoes
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