Each year, the crime rate increases. What are the causes of crime and what coule be done to prevent this rise in criminal activity?

several decades have seen a surge in the violence rate.
is due to technological advancement and the leakage of consumer records from businesses. While these problems have made so many damaging effects on the customer, there are several measures that the states and a company can take to address these challenges. The main reason why the fraud rate increased in a couple of years is that many people share their personal
in online media, ever since the technological advances that have made online communication much simpler and easier.
, the leakage of customers' personal information from a bank or online commerce has made many hackers could access people's personal information more easily.
, fraudsters are able to access everyone's personal information that can be used for a crime,
as stealing money, etc.
For example
, my friend has experienced fraud because they upload their personal identity card photos on the internet and there is someone who used it to make a transaction without any consent from my friend.
, there are two steps that the government and companies could do to tackle
, there should be a consumer
protection law published by the authority.
, the company should enforce people to do a double sign-in method if they want to sign in to their bank or online shop accounts. As an illustration, in Indonesia, there are customer
protection policies that enforces companies to encrypt any personal-related info.
way, it will prevent fraudsters to access our personal
that could be used for crimes, and eventually, the violence rate will be diminished. In conclusion, a rise in the crime level is caused by technological development and
leakage from a company. Looking at the negative effects these have had on individuals, both the government and business organizations are crucial to finding solutions.
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