In the last 20 years, there have been significant development in the field of information and technology, for example, the world wide web and communication by email. however, these developments in IT are likely to have more negative effects than positive in the future. To what extend do you agree with this view.

believe that the evolution of information and technology over the past few years can be positive for the future in terms of increased globalization.
, others, including myself, argue that it can have adverse effects in the coming years. In
essay, I will present that significant development, like email communication and the
wide web, in IT can have negative implications on
's lives in future because of the addiction to the
wide web and the increase in cyber attacks. Supporters of internet and email communication claim that these advancements in IT can connect humans globally without being physically present in front of each other and
can save travel and time.
For instance
can send urgent documents or files via email to any part of the earth, which usually takes days to reach there.
, they can have official or personal meetings over video calls without travelling to other parts of the globe.
, I would argue that
can make individuals more unsocial, and they will stop mingling with other
physically, even if they are staying nearby.
, they may develop depression and other neurotic disorders.
, I would argue that using more emails for communication and the
wide web may increase cyber-attacks, and individuals may lose their confidential data to scammers and frauds.
For example
, scammers use phishing emails to lure their victims into their trap and steal all their data, like bank details to withdraw money from their bank accounts.
, addiction to the internet can make individuals less productive and may jeopardize their health. Numerous studies have shown that many
waste most of their day browsing non-productive things on the internet and barely do some physical activities.
advancement in IT can
develop serious health issues for the forthcoming generations. In conclusion, while I acknowledge that improvements in information and technology can make the
more globalized and can save time, I would argue that it can have more negative effects in forthcoming years in terms of increased data leaks via cyber attacks and more unproductive and unhealthy future generation due to its addiction.
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