The spread of multinational companies and the resulting increase in globalization will have positive effects on everyone. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the modern world, the expansion of international companies leads to a rapid development of globalization.
some argue that
has a beneficial impact on all members of society, I can hardly agree with it. To some extent, there are several convincing reasons why globalization can be seen as a positive factor for most of us.
, it boosts the development of the economy and facilitates interaction between people from various countries.
For example
, an employee who works for a multinational company tends to receive a higher salary
as well as
more opportunities to travel around the world.
, it creates a lot of job opportunities and employs a great number of local workers, both of which can result in the healthy development of the economy in developing countries.
in industrialized nations, residents can benefit from lower prices of products and enjoy a diverse range of lifestyles.
, I would argue that
will not be beneficial to all of us. To illustrate, local small businesses would be highly vulnerable to globalization because multinational corporations are more competitive in capital compared with local ones.
may lead to cultural invasion and be harmful to the traditional
For instance
, in China, an increasing number of teenagers are fond of wearing
western style
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as Nike and Adidas,
it is rare to see anyone wearing traditional Chinese clothes nowadays.
As a result
, fewer skilled workers continue to work in the traditional
industry, resulting in an adverse effect on the promotion of local
. In conclusion,
the spread of international businesses helps to develop economies and benefit most people, I believe that
can result in an adverse impact on traditional
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