You have read a magazine article that mentioned a place you are familiar with. There was a mistake in the article. Write a letter to the editor of the magazine and say:  What the error was  Explain that you are familiar with the place  Why it is important to correct the error

Dear Sir, I am writing with regard to a piece of wrong information written in an article released in your magazine
week. The material was pretty good by the way, but at the end of the text, you committed a silly error by changing the address of Mary’s Church from Mountjoy Street to Mountjoy Square. Unfortunately, both places are in the same neighbourhood, but on opposite sides. As I live in
area since I was a girl, I saw many people going to the Square and feeling confused because there is no temple there.
As a result
error in your publication, the number of families searching for
place on
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mornings sharp increased so far. They feel disappointed when they discover they are lost and reaching the right address on time is quite impossible. As the mistake was caused by your journalists, I hope that you will release a new paper asking for pardon, with the correct address, as well would be a sign of respect for your readers to provide a support person to guide visitors to Mountjoy. I look forward to receiving your response. Yours faithfully, Tina Turum
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