You recently ordered a small item online but when it arrived it was unusable. Write a letter to the company that sold you the item: - give details about the order you made - explain what was wrong with the item -tell the company what you want them to do about it

Dear Sir or Madam, I'm writing with regard to a pair of earphones I have purchased on your website. Unfortunately, when the product arrived, it did not work properly. I tried
new generation gadget in different ways with no success. Two weeks ago, I followed the instructions to connect it by Bluetooth to my cellphone, it ran for
the signal failed. The process was repeated many times and after
hour was necessary to reconnect again. The battery is another issue, as it takes a lifetime to recharge and once full, it
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day only
week according to the fabricant. For
reason, if have to make a small trip I have to take the charger with me. As the product with the problem was bought in your e-commerce, I request a refund to the same credit card I use in the transaction. I saw the reviews in the announcement and the consumers were complaining about the quality of
item, so replacing it is not a possibility. Looking forward to receiving your prompt response. Yours sincerely, Pollyanna Souza
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