You play a team sport with some friends. Last week a member of the team had an accident and wasn't able to play with you at the weekend. You decide to write to him in hospital, telling him about the match. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter, tell him which team won describe the conditions on the day say how you felt about the match

Dear John, Words fail me on how to express my deepest sympathy for your sudden accident.
, I'm happy to know that you are improving and will be fit and fine after a few days. I am writing to share the good news that our team won the match which you missed. As you know, you are the best goalkeeper we ever had. We had lost our confidence to win without you. But, our substitute, Tom gave his best and saved 5 brilliant attacks. Like always, I played as a midfielder and was excited to assist in two goals made by our team. In the
minute, we had obtained a chance of a free-kick that I could not capitalize into a goal but it was very close.
, the enthusiasm that our team showed on Sunday was nothing less than an international match. It has built a new confidence in me. Having said that, we missed you a lot and were thinking if you were playing
we might have got an advantage right from the start. Anyways, our
match will be on 22nd December and everyone wants you to be playing. Hoping for your quick recovery. Best Wishes, Harry
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