You have decided to go on a holiday to a foreign country for 2 weeks, and you want one of your friends to come with you. Write a letter to your friend asking him/her to accompany you. In your letter, – explain where and when you want to go – give details of the travel, dates and costs involved – describe some of the things you want to do

Dear Roger, I hope
letter finds you well. Guess what! I decided to travel to Europe for two weeks and I want to come with you, who is known as the best guide to bring come
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me with
. Recently, a tour agency gave me the opportunity to buy two tickets to Paris and pay for only one, which was a great discount.
, we can go to other countries inside
continent paying less because the offer extends to other transports during our trip. In order to explore as much as possible, the suggestion is to go from Paris to the UK, take a boat to Ireland and
, a plane to Spain, where there are beautiful views.
plan looks expensive, it will be more affordable as you can imagine because the main idea is to visit free places rather than where have huge costs. Renting a car,
for instance
, would give us the chance to avoid other fees when we to museums and theatres, places which are included in my planning. All these things would cost you $580, considering your fraction in hotel and meals, unless you fill comfortable staying in cheaper places and cooking your own food. Hope to see you soon Roger. Best wishes, Franklin Vale.
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