Work is being done on street where you live .the noise is disturbing you.write a letter of complaint to local council .in your letter Introduce yourself Explain what the problem is Suggest solution to the problem

Dear Sir or Madam, I am an old resident of
neighbourhood. I am writing to you regarding the loud sound coming from a construction being made in the block in front of my house. Two weeks ago, a company team started to build a school, which is a fantastic project, since we do not have one nearby. Unfortunately, the sound of the machines working all day long is quite annoying, as I work as a teacher and I teach from home. My students often require me to repeat my words over and over again, a stressful situation which I have faced every single day in during my labour hours.
As a result
mess that I am living surrounded by, the number of students that I teach is reducing considerably as my salary too. I am facing a trouble financial period in which I do not know when will finish because no one knows when
educational centre with be concluded. As the council determines the rules for
kind of operation, I hope that you will ask the group to use the noise machines and tools only in the morning, from Monday to Friday. By
, I would offer afternoon classes and return to my regular routine. I look forward to receiving your response. Yours faithfully, Pollyanna Souza
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