A large company in your area has decided to spend a certain amount of money, either to sponsor a local children's sports team for two years or to pay for two open-air concerts. It has asked for feedback from the general public. Write a letter to the company. In your letter: • describe the benefits of sponsoring the sports team • summaries the benefits of paying for the concerts • say how you think the company should spend the money

Dear sir or madam, I'm writing
letter to share my thoughts about your sponsorship in our community.
, thank you for your decision, it will be beneficial in any circumstances. There are 2 basketball teams in our public school yet they don'
have enough opportunity to train themselves. Those kids are incredibly talented and if they have changed as much as private school students, they would consider being a player in the future.
On the other hand
, our community doesn'
gather up often because the basic needs are very expensive and people couldn'
spend money on social events. 2 open-air concerts would be relaxing for everybody as we don'
afford a ticket. I think you should invest money in children's basketball teams. I don'
have any children but I know they are our future and it would be a great asset to improve sports teams. Yours faithfully, Elif Beyza Önder
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