Many people believe that modern inventions have brought more problems than the benefits. Do you agree or disagree.

It is undoubtedly true that recent modern Inventions have totally changed the way of living of humans on earth,
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it carries more difficulties than solutions. I agree with
notion and I will discuss the reasons why technical equipment is creating more problems in the upcoming paragraphs. To commence with the predominant reason why it is more problematic to deal with the hassles is using mobile phones that distract the mind of children from studying. To elaborate on
, the majority of parents provide technical devices to their children for the betterment of their
as mobile phones and laptops for getting online tuition but a significant amount of learners have used them for playing video games or other unwanted things.
For example
, a survey conducted by
Department in India in 2021 revealed that 7 mentees out of 10 used computers or mobile phones for recreational purposes
demand during the Covid-19 period, resultantly, they failed their final examinations.
, accessive use of advancement for students makes them elusive to achieve the target.
strengthening the causes of advancement in human life is the globalisation of machines in the places of labour leads to unemployment. To explain
, there are a number of firms that are using advanced Robots which help them to produce something in mass production but it makes the cause of the decline in employment.
As a result
, using robots at workplaces going to finish human presence at construction sites become dangerous in most populated nations. Taking everything into consideration,
it is clear that
using technical devices by kids not only spoils their attention toward
utilisation of innovative equipment at work sites are put catastrophic effects on the human workforce.
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