In some countries, owning a home rather than renting renting one is very important for people. Why might ths be the case? Do you think this is a positive or negative situation?

It is usually argued that having own property is beneficial as compared to living as a tenant because it has many positive aspects. I totally agree with
essay will give some pivotal reasons for the above statement and in the end, will give a valid conclusion.
To begin
with, the majority of people wish to have a personal home as it provides many facilities as compared to rented homes leading to a comfortable and happy life.
For example
, residents of a home can install many items for their comfort
as solar panels on their rooftops to save electricity
on the other hand
in rented houses
system cannot be installed as
is a permanent system and
, requires heavy amount of capital to change its location.
, individuals living as tenants are invariably at risk of leaving their living area if the landlord wants the
which is an excruciating fact.
For instance
, people feel uncomfortable by shifting their houses from one place to another as jobs,schools and friends from neighbours all are affected. Owning one's personal
is a very positive situation for everyone because families will live in their homes with full happiness and they will not have the fear of changing it.
is human's nature to take care of his own property
, everyone will look after their
and will maintain everything in the
. One clear example is that most tenants destroy rented houses and ,
as a result
, the landlord faces a lot of difficulties.
To sum up
, having a personal
is an expensive task.
, in my opinion, people ought to buy their own residency because it has many good points
along with
mental satisfaction.
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